Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Top 8 Home Based Businesses

You must have seen all these infomercials that say you that you can make $1000, $2000 a day or even $25,000 a week without going away from the privacy of your own home. These opportunity sounds too good to be true. If you’re a work at home mom looking for a genuine means to make some good money devoid of having to re-invent the wheel, a home based franchise may be the ideal industry for you. With hundreds of different resources to choose from, you can choose the resource that fits you best and with the ability to run the entire business out of your home, you’ll save a lot of money each year on everything from commuting costs to tax deductions for home offices. If you’re a work at home mom and you’re interested in getting into a home based business, look no further as here’s the top 10 home based businesses for work at home moms. They are not too good to be true.

“Home inspections. Done Right.™” is the label or tagline of HouseMaster, but one more thing they do right is offer an outstanding source that constantly receives high marks from all over the industry including a four star franchisee satisfaction rating and a ranking in the top 50 franchises in franchisee satisfaction. Not only is HouseMaster ranked as one of the best in the business, they also stand behind their brand meaning and they’re certain that you will too. Actually, in the first year of your franchise, if you’re not completely satisfied, they will refund your franchise fee. HouseMaster knows the home inspection industry in and out and as a franchisee, their mission is to educate you how to dig up into the home inspection industry and master it.
Cruise Planners
Cruising has been the fasted rising part of the tourism industry for 20 years and it is still mounting and Cruise Planners can put you in the lead of the action. Cruise Planners is one of the biggest, privately owned, countrywide accepted cruise selling agencies in the country and you can dive into this exciting business opportunity with little or no experience in the tourism industry. That’s because cruise planners endow you with all that you need to make a start. Industrialist has ranked cruise planners No. 1 for five years consecutively and it’s simple to see why. Their business mock-up of providing the franchisee with a customized website, comprehensively training and continuous ongoing customer and franchisee service from their support workforce makes Cruise Planners a can’t miss home based company.
Molly Maid
More than 10 Million people make use of paid domestic service and the industry is impending annual sales of $20 billion dollars. Molly Maid lends a hand with you to capitalize on this flourishing industry by giving you the tools and guidance to commence, while also giving you the inspiration and skills to pilot and organize your own group of professionals. With Molly Maid, the initial investment is comparatively small but the liberty and potential for this high-demand service is unbelievable. With a franchise business from Molly Maid you can build a booming business while still having time for the kids since you won’t be working nights or weekends. This could be the just right business opportunity for the working mom.
AllOver Media
With the arrival of modern technology such as Satellite radio, TiVO and digital content delivery, advertising is becoming trickier and harder to target large audiences. AllOver Media is one company that is flourishing in today’s commercial economy. AllOver Media’s objective is to generate and capitalize on new and unique methods of advertising including digital indoor, gas pump, indoor print etc. As an AllOver Media franchisee, you’ll be offered with years of expertise and industry proven techniques for non-traditional advertising. This home based sales business is ideal for someone looking for a great small business franchise with low initial capital but soaring potential for expansion and profit.
Bark Busters
Bark Busters is a home-based franchise that provides you the training to be an expert, on-site dog trainer in very short time. With Bark Busters proven method (which has trained over 300,000 dogs worldwide) you can tap into the $36 billion dollar pet industry with confidence knowing that Bark Busters is the #1 Pet Franchise (as ranked by Entrepreneur.) With numerous unique qualities for instance a “Life of the Dog Guarantee” and the ability to change a dog’s redundant actions in a two to two and a half hour session, Bark Busters is a great franchise for the working mom and a necessity for pet lovers.
Caddy Card
The aim of marketing is to get the exact people with the right information to make the sale, and Caddy Card has put a lot of thought into their business model and come up with a way to… “Advertise to a section of the populace with one of the highest discretionary incomes in the nation… golfers.” Caddy Card’s product is a striking golf course guide book complete with scorecard, training aids, course information advertisements etc. Your job as a Caddy Card franchisee is merely to sell the advertising space on the caddy card and then literally give them away to local golf courses. Golfers love Caddy Cards because it provides all the detailed information then need about the course and lets them discover all of their vital information all over the day. Golf courses adore Caddy Card since it’s free for them and it draws new players by providing more information about the course and making the golf course look more professional and gorgeous. You’ll be in love with Caddy Card because of its low initial investment ($11,800) and its fast return and high income potential.
Moms from all over the places are au fait with Gymboree, but do you know that Gymboree is not merely a fine place to take your children, but it can also be an unbelievable home based business for a work at home mom? If you’re a mom, then you will almost certainly meet Gymboree’s first requirement for their franchisees, you love to work with children. Gymboree can be a huge business opportunity as well as a personally satisfying career as you build up and contour young minds. You will be assisting kids develop psychologically, physically and in a social context, If growing young minds sounds more like pleasurable to you than a business, then this could be the ideal franchise for you.
1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the world’s biggest junk deletion franchise with over 330 franchises throughout the world. Boasting expansion of more than 500% in the past 3 years, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Is on the climb and is a grand option for anyone looking to start a home based business. Their slogan is, “Man with truck – will haul junk” sums up the core idea of this company. It’s a young, vibrant company looking to take over a new market niche that it’s rapidly becoming an utterly new business with 1-800-GOT-JUNK? leading the way. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is so confident about their product that if you don’t hit $100,000 in revenue in your first year, they’ll money back your 1st territory fee.

With loads of business openings out there, it can be awesome to decide one. every one of these franchises listed above will provide you with first-rate services, trainings and help with setups and each of them is a great system for the work at home mom to get into her own business. With a bit of luck, one of these franchises will appeal to you, and if you’d like to discover more about any franchise in particular, just ask for more information on any of them and see for yourself what a home-based business franchise can do for you.

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