Tuesday, January 27, 2009

9 Websites You Can't Live Without

There are countless websites out there on the internet. A large amount of them are poorly designed, hard to use, or just mind-numbing. But in amongst the rough are a few gems -- websites that once you find out them, you'll be uncertain how you ever managed without! This list is devoted to those sites which can create your life easier and more pleasing; some you may already know, others you won't, but they are all worth at least a few minutes of everyone's time.
1) Google
Google is undoubtedly the best search engine out there. Yahoo has slightly more visitors, but Google is by far the coolest search engine. No mess, no irritating advertising, only pure, neat search goodness. This in fact is The Internet for Dummies -- just type what you want and let Google work brings magic to you. Google for sure is more than just a search engine. You can use it to do calculations, find images, get your local weather forecast and a whole host of other valuable stuff. With its resourcefulness and simple to use layout, Google will quickly become you new best friend.
2) eBay
Amazon is great for spanking new stuff, but what if you're looking for something a little rarer, something that you can't find in your average offline shopping mall or online store? This is where eBay comes in action. eBay is undoubtedly the world's biggest yard sale, only rather than spending your afternoon trawling through one person's junk, you have access to over 200 million sellers worldwide. Whatever it is... you can get it on eBay. Therefore if you are locating a rare bargain, eBay is the place to find it.
3) Amazon
Does shopping is a bore stiff to you? Does the thought of fighting the traffic to get into the mall only to be faced with masses of hectic bargain-hunters fill you with dread? If this is the case then you're not alone, and fortunately Amazon offers the ideal solution to you. You can now purchase anything you can imagine from the comfort of your home, and it'll even cost you less! No more assertive sales people, no more long queues, all you require is a computer, a credit card and a few minutes of your time.
4) YouTube
You Tube is a video library with several million video clips, this is the largest online pool of moving media ever. The interface is simple and user-friendly. Google bought the site and added their own search to it. You can now find videos of anything you can think of, and you can post your own comments or send the video to your friends as well. If you fancy yourself as a TV star then why not create your own videos to share with the masses? It's simple to do and best of all its totally free of cost. YouTube is becoming so huge that TV talent searchers are using the site to discover their next presenters.
5) Wikipedia
Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which stands head and shoulders on top of all others due to its distinctive nature. Wikipedia is a free source and driven by community, which means that anyone with a keyboard can submit articles. This means that this isn't your typical encyclopedia – in addition to the usual articles about weather and civil wars you also have the subjects that people really care about; stuff like Barak Obama and information on the latest series of Big Brother. With over 1.6 million entries, Wikipedia is an unlimited trench of useful information. Once you discover it, you'll probably never need to open a book again, hooray!
6) MySpace
If you want your own site where you can post your own experiences, pictures, videos etc., you have to register a domain name, purchase some hosting service and learn how to code HTML etc. On the other hand, the much easier alternative is to register with a site that does it all on their own for you. They manage all the tedious stuff leaving you to focus on the fun tads. MySpace is one of the leading sites for making your own site devoid any hassle. You can tailor it by altering the colors, backgrounds, adding up your own text, images, videos, music, whatever you want -- and it's as easy as falling off a log. The most excellent part of MySpace though is the message board where you can post messages for your friends and they can reply messages for you.
7) Hotmail
Hotmail is a great free web-based email. You can check your emails from any computer with internet access with no need to lay down up unnecessarily complicated software. It offers you heaps of storage space so you'll never go short, and you can attach files and photos to your messages as well. Hotmail also provides free spam and virus filtering, to help keep your inbox and your computer uncluttered.
8) BBC
The home of online news reporting, the BBC website provides instant access to all the breaking stories so you can live at the avant-garde of current affairs. You can also watch videos as well as written reports, listen to broadcasts or even download latest and recorded stories to your ipod. You can uncover reports covering every topic from politics to education, business to entertainment. You can even sign up for automatic updates to have the latest comings and goings sent directly to your email or mobile phone.
9) Monster
SO you’re unhappy of your existing job? Think you can perform better? Dreaming an absolute career change? Then Monster is the place to start. Monster is one of the largest online job portals where you can search by industry, location or keyword to unearth exactly what you’re after. You can even send your CV to the potential employers and then if they like the look of you they can get in touch, making it even simpler for you!
The above given list of websites are strongly recommend. You check out them, they'll provide you with equal measures of fun and usefulness and really enhance your internet experience! You can find stacks of interesting facts, jobs and money making idea’s by just visiting these great sites.

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