Thursday, January 29, 2009

Top 7 tips to make money with your website

Summary: Today, the majority people own a website just for the idea of making money. However, a great proportion of people are not making money with their websites. If your website has a valuable content and you still do not make money with it, it is the time wake up and start making money with your website. Remember one very important thing; in internet word traffic is directly proportion to the money. Below are 7 tips to make money with your website.

Link to your email signature- An email signature is your name + whatever url you choose to place below it in each email you send. The great thing is most email providers give you an option to create an email signature, so every email you send out has the same signature. That way you don’t have to think about doing it everytime you send out an email. Link your website to your email signature in Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or any other email service. This helps in attracting attention and getting lot of hits from all realms of people.
Advertise your website- If your web site remains anonymous and no one visits it then all the hard work and money that you have put in making the web site is in vain. It is very imperative to uphold your web site to get it noticed. Here are certain ways to get started with website promotion.
Advertise your website among friends, family and people you know online. If you are member of social networking site like MySpace, Facebook, spread the word there too. Invite your online friends and family to visit your site. If they like it they are mostly likely to recommend to their friends, so there you have more traffic.
Search engine submission – An effective and proficient search engine submission is the one that takes to know what the web site needs and requires partaking attention from its prospective market based on the millions of internet users. One must keep in mind that search engine submission is just a fraction of the totality on how one can actually promote or advertise his product to potential market. The search engine submissions are just like any other marketing mechanisms that are used principally to draw potential customers. With the enormous accessibility of Internet all over the world, search engine submission is indeed taking a greater leap as a marketing tool in the new business scene. Submit your website to the search engine and get more and more traffic. A good place in the search engines and will get you more money.
Reciprocal link building - Reciprocal links are links that are made from each website, to each website. For example, if you link to another website, and that website links to you, you basically have bartered reciprocal links. Presume that all the links to your website are positive, so you should build as many of these links as you can. Though, don't anticipate these types of links to raise your search engine rank as much as one-way links will. Reciprocal link building will help you in numerous ways. It will add to your search engine ranking and will get you more visitors from the search engine. Build links to get more people. It will also obtain more customers for your products and services from others websites where you have your links listed.
Google Adsense- Through Google Adsense, your website is likely of pull in a lot of cash for you. Google adsense' is growing day by day. Google Adsense is powered by Google. You can easily sign up for this program and start receiving adverts on your website. Google adsense program hence proved that this is the best money making giant in the internet world. Google adsense program hence proved that this is the best money making giant in the internet world. Bulk of the search is from Vietnam. Philippines and Indonesia and comes after the top queried nation Vietnam. India positioned at 6th in searching "Google adsense". But USA and UK are not getting listed in first 10 positions in searching adsense money making program. In point of fact, greater part of internet users is from USA and UK. But in the case of Google adsense search they are behind of these countries. It is an important tip for those who are searching for Google secrets.
Affiliate Programs- You can also make good money with your website when you join affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is another exceptionally huge way to make money with your website. Affiliate marketing revolves around marketing other people’s product. Whenever person makes a purchase through the link from your website, a specific percentage of money will be paid to you. Affiliate programs are not for everyone though. You have to have the knowledge, and will power to be able to take any kind of product, and make it appear attractive to the customer. The top affiliate programs are Clickbank, Commission Junction, and Paydotcom along with hundreds of other ones. If you look around the internet you will see that most companies have an affiliate program that you can join for free. It's in fact very easy to do once you get the hang of it.
Your web design- If we see many of the global business website, we will find Most of them have a standard, classic design, with simple white background with plain text. In simple web design there is not anything like ambiguous and mismatching, it is about the graphics are just right match with the beautifully written content. Hence, to make money through your website you should make sure that the design and development of your website results in a venue that is attractive. People from all walks of life naturally are drawn to sites in the brick and mortar world that are nicely decorated and appointed. Likewise, customers in cyberspace are drained towards those websites that are professional in their looks.
In conclusion, follow these 7 tips to make money with your website and be consistent and work on your website on a daily basis. People like spanking new content so if you offer them that they will keep visiting to your site. The more hits you get on your site the more money you can make with your website…It’s a simple and straightforward equation.

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